Lakes coffee roaster launches fuss free coffee bags

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Coffee lovers the world over often can’t do without their daily coffee hit, but those of us in the know are all too aware of how time consuming it can be to craft the perfect brew…

So, with that in mind the team at John Farrer & Co of Kendal, have come up with the perfect solution… a totally fuss free single use coffee bag containing 7.5g of coffee the perfect dose for making a standard cup of coffee.

Farrer’s new single portion coffee bags are designed to give consumers speciality coffee without having to deal with cafetières or brewing equipment. Coffee bags are pretty similar to their tea containing cousins… they are simply a great way to make a proper cup of fresh coffee without any fuss.


The technology has been around for quite a while, it’s just that no one got around to using it for coffee until the 1970’s…

The bag idea originated across the pond, no surprises there… especially as they do love a labour-saving device…

The chap responsible Thomas Sullivan, a New York based tea merchant, kicked it all off in 1908, when he started to send samples of tea to his customers in small silk bags. Some of his customers assumed that they were supposed to use the bags much in the same way as traditional metal infusers, and put the entire bag into the pot, rather than emptying out the contents…

The tea / coffee bag was born… In the ensuing years Sullivan developed sachets made of gauze, the first purpose-made tea bags and by the 1920’s they were being commercially produced.

By the 1970’s some bright spark thought that the idea might work with coffee… it didn’t catch on… but thankfully with advances in technology it‘s now possible to create a cup of freshly ground coffee using a coffee bag with the added bonus of no grinding, no waste, no mess, no fuss… all you have to do is pop a coffee bag into your cup add freshly boiled water leave for roughly 3 minutes stir and squeeze and then dispose of the used coffee bag.

To that end we’ve taken a bit of time to do our research and experiment with coffees and paper for our bags and we’ve come up with two varieties to kick off our coffee bag range, which are sold in 15 bag pouches, retailing at £3.95 each. They are…

Our Colombian is a single origin coffee sourced from the Huila region, which brews a wonderfully bright and fruity cup, with hints of toffee apple and blackcurrant, with a dark chocolate finish.

And our Decaf, from a single origin source in Brazil, is just the thing for brewing the perfect cup of decaf, with its rich peanut and chocolate notes, medium body and low acidity.

Dave Walsh, Farrer’s General Manager, said: ‘’We’ve been working to get the taste profiles for both of these products right for just over six months. Experimented with using different materials for the bags, changing the weight of coffee used, with different grinds to maximise flavour and delivery.

A good coffee needs to infuse the water as it brews, so we’ve come up trumps delivering flavour with both our Colombian and Decaf bags. We think you’ll agree they deliver a great cup of coffee and all you need is a kettle!’’

Linked to the quality roasted coffee and freshly brewed tea, Farrer’s offer the City & Guilds Level 2 Barista Skills VRQ course in their ‘Approved’ Centre. The course is run by their Accredited Trainer Brian Williams.

To find out more about Farrer’s teas and coffees or to buy direct visit:

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