BSA Bulletin – October 2019 (No2)

Our October 2019 News Bulletin is now launched and will be available on the BSA web site and an update will be sent to you through Mail Chimp too.

I do hope that you enjoy the news content and the stories; therefore, send us directly your photos, news stories, best practise guides and anything else that you feel needs airing including letters to the editor and comments. This edition includes a full Members listing as a free BSA service.

You may upon request as the publication grows in both style and circulation apply for advertising space at super economical rates. Currently I can offer quarter pages or half pages or advertorial and I can be contacted on 07711 087662 directly to discuss tailored requirements.

There will be training and accreditation sections as well.

Our esteemed editor under the pseudonym of Scoop Malone for contractual reasons can be contacted directly for all your news on the email published at the end of the bulletin.

Our next “pop up trade events” in 2020 will be at Bury Lodge in March and we are working hard towards an event to be based in Northern England later in the year.

The publication will grow and evolve as indeed the Association does and I thank you personally for your support in these challenging times.

Steve Slark
BSA Chairman