Northern coffee merchant leading the way with Nitro Cold Brew

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Farrer’s Coffee Merchant’s, Kendal, have partnered with the Europe’s leading independent coffee tech innovators to perfect the ultimate Nitro Cold Brew…

Sounds a little off the wall… maybe a bit like a science experiment… not encountered it in your local coffee house or even your local bar yet… one thing is for sure you will… it’s already taken the USA by storm and now its landed on these shores and the UK’s oldest Coffee Merchant John Farrer & Co are leading this innovative charge…

Let’s pair things back and talk about cold brew first… it’s pretty straight forward, simply put its coffee brewed cold… The process involves steeping coffee grounds in water for around 24 hours, which produces a concentrated coffee essence, which is then diluted according to taste and served chilled, often over ice.

The thing with cold brew drinks is they deliver a range of flavour compounds that you don’t find otherwise, they are mellower, sweeter and have a lower acidity compared to their hot brew cousins… which is why its essential you use good quality coffee like Farrer’s 1819 when creating a cold brew.

You might get away with mediocre coffee in a day to day hot brew, but you will be rapidly found out if you use inferior quality coffee in your cold brew, especially in a nitro cold brew… there’s simply nowhere to hide… the imperfections and shortcomings are pretty much in plain sight for all to see!

So, what’s Nitro Cold Brew? Basically, its cold brew coffee is stored in kegs, infused with nitrogen gas as it’s released through a pressurised valve system, a bit like a beer tap, which produces a cold, silky drink with a creamy head that’s usually drunk black… yes it does bear an uncannily resemblance to a certain dark coloured stout like beverage served in many a local bar.

Italian Sweetheart Coffee

The thing with Nitro Cold Brew is that is has so many possibilities as part of your day to day drinks offering of a part of your bar offering you could serve up a Virgin Nitro with just Sugar, Caramel or Chocolate syrup or you could push the boat out and be more adventurous and infuse it with Baileys, Tia Maria or Whisky or even make the perfect Negroni or Espresso Martini. The list is endless!

To find out more and get ahead of the Nitro Cold Brew curve get in touch with the Farrer’s team