Beverage Standards Association Details

Find out about the BSA, objectives, code of ethics and membership options.

What is the BSA?

Founded in 1996, the Beverage Standards Association (previously known as the Beverage Service Association) is the trade association for the UK out-of-home non-vending refreshment industry. It represents all sectors; manufacturers, distributors and importers of machines and components, commodity suppliers, service organisations who maintain and repair machines, training, recruitment and marketing companies working within the industry, and retailers – the end-users who prepare serve refreshments to the paying public.

Beverages include coffee, tea, chocolate, milk, smoothies, frappes, juice and water.

Objectives of the BSA

The Association is dedicated to fostering the growth of the UK out-of-home beverage market, to raising the quality of beverages produced and the standard of service provided.

One way in which it achieves this is through education; training, information and communication.

Another is through better standards of practice, honesty and integrity between all sectors of the industry with all members upholding and protecting these.

And the Association provides a platform from which to address the Government, legislative bodies and the media on matters which concern members.

BSA Member Code of Ethics

Endeavour to supply the highest quality products and services to customers at all times

Operate and maintain all beverage equipment according to manufacturers guidelines

Enhance the reputation of the Association by ensuring that all promotions and advertising are honest and truthful

Adhere to all legal requirements for UK and International legislation specifically including:

  • Packaging
  • Ingredients
  • Equipment
  • Health & Safety

Respect fellow members and their employees and foster fraternity within the Association

Encourage all individual and corporate members to act in accordance with these aims and generally accepted good business practice, and promote the objectives of the Association.

The Benefits of Beverage Standards Association Membership

Something's Brewing - May/June'24

Dedicated trade news magazine compiled by our Editor with access to members’ stories and articles. There are low-cost advertising and advertorial opportunities for members at rates significantly reduced compared to non-members. The 2024 Features List is available here.

This partnership launched in January 2021 will enable BSA members and associates to have access to pricing and offers that would normally only be available to larger organisations. The best part is it won’t cost you a penny. Zero in fact!

Please contact Zero Procure at BSA@zeroprocure.com or on +44 (0)208 279 0818.

The beverage industry is a network of people, each with a specialist knowledge and expertise, often built up over decades of experience. Through events such as conferences, regional meetings, and training courses, the BSA will facilitate access to that expertise and experience. During the Covid 19 lockdown and beyond we have managed to put out much technical and networking information and have grown the membership by a substantial amount in this time.

Depending on your type of business, this could either be directly or indirectly. It could be about finding a new supplier or the opportunity to form strategic alliances that add value to your business. It could simply be about raising your profile as you embark on a career in the beverage industry.

The development of this outstanding training innovation was led by the BSA. This internationally recognised qualification is a must for anyone serious about working in, or selling to, the beverage industry. Fifeteen of the BSA members are ‘Approved’ as City & Guilds Centres and can facilitate this training for you. Apart from the UK we now have centres in Ireland, Greece, Cyprus and Nepal. Find your nearest Centre at https://www.beveragestandardsassociation.co.uk/training/all-courses/

The BSA regional meetings are about recognising the challenges and opportunities that are closer to home for its members. For example, the challenges faced in London are different to the ones faced by members in York. The regional meetings create local networking opportunities and allow local committees to form to tackle local challenges.

The range of training and skills courses available through the BSA and its members is staggering. From cupping and barista skills, to customer service and new business appointment generation. BSA members enjoy priveleged rates and first refusal when training places are limited.

We aim to run our own and join with other trade associations to showcase our products and services at expositions around various locations. Being a BSA member will entitle you to preferential rates and first choice on stand location before being opened to the general trade.

The members’ area of the BSA web site provides access to a wealth of information that will help you in creating a successful business. As a member you will receive regular email updates on matters that can affect you and your business.

The BSA helpline points members in the right direction. No matter what the beverage, equipment, service, HR or health and safety question, the BSA will have a member that either knows the answer or knows a person that can help.