Restarted Trading – Suppliers Guide

Restarted Trading - Suppliers Guide
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As we continue through challenging times The Association recognises the need for ongoing advice, along with support for safe and profitable trading in this new normal. This is where the ‘Restarted Trading – Suppliers Guide‘ will be invaluable.

Our concern is primarily the safely of our members, supporters, their staff and customers. We recognise the challenges they face in resuming trading. Many of the areas required for legal compliance will not seem new; hand washing, sanitisation, social distancing, zoning, reduced customer contact points, safety signage and controlling customer numbers.

The principal aim of this ‘Restarted Trading – Suppliers Guide‘ is to connect solutions to our members and supporters. Across these areas, we can direct you to trusted supply sources with off the shelf ready and bespoke solutions for your business.

A recent study found it cost ‘shops’ around £615 to prepare for safe trading. Visit

The Guide is broken down into product areas as follows.


Consumers have rapidly evolved into very tech savvy people, comfortable with pre-orders, click and collect and online payment systems. Now is the time to use the convenience, safety, time saving and confidence that this can bring to both parties.

Screens for social distancing

A now legal requirement, these come in a variety of formats ranging to off the shelf self-fixing, to bespoke custom fitted solutions. As a minimum, your staff serving and at the till must provide mutual protection from contact and air borne contamination.


Signage has a huge new role in your business. Firstly, your customers will want help and support in guiding them through your new procedures. Secondly, they will want reassured that you are putting safety and the recommended guidelines at the core of your business.


Personal Protective Equipment will play a key role is reassuring both your staff and customers that you are serious about safety. There is now a wide choice for your business.

Sanitiser Stations

Once in short supply, now sanitisation is expected in all consumer environments. This may take the form of hand washing stations or simply using an >60% alcohol hand sanitiser to kill the virus.

Water Filtration

Please ensure prior to making your hot beverages, you have safe ,fresh and filtered water to resume your operation safely. Also follow the recommended procedures from your machine manufacturers to use your equipment again after a long ‘down period’.

Take Away Cups

The only advice so far has been this, from the UK Government’s guidance for consumers on coronavirus and food: “Customers may previously have used reusable cups or containers when shopping or buying drinks at cafés and other retailers. It is up to the individual business to decide whether they allow the use of reusable cups or containers during this period. If reusable cups or containers are used, they should be washed thoroughly in hot, soapy water, or in a dishwasher, if suitable.”

Pre-Packed Portions

In the challenges of post-Covid trading, condiments will be removed from tables. Gone are table jars of sugar etc. Items allowing guests to ‘finish’ their drinks will only be made available on request and will come in the form of pre-portioned packs.

Brewing Equipment

Whilst you will all have your own trusted supply partners; a few innovations may help you navigate new trading operations.

Above all, stay safe, and remember we are united and fortunate to work within hospitality. Perhaps the biggest real challenge is to reward your customers with an experience that exceeds their expectations and allows that important personal interaction and social engagement that is part of any brands feel and experience.

A full risk assessment must be undertaken prior to reopening – a useful example (with great links) can be found here.

In addition,our latest Bulletin, No7, currently on the website, shares live examples from some countries where trading has already resumed plus wisdom from suppliers and traders within the UK with great insight. Find it here.

If you have supplier recommendations, forward these to Angus McKenzie at

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