BSA International

The Beverage Standards Association is proud to work alongside two World Class organisations who are building upon the Association’s City & Guilds  Level 2 VRQ Barista Skills training success in the UK and its long established partnership with the City & Guilds organisation.

Our partner for Greece and Cyprus is COTECO Consulting who have 5 Centres across the two countries and they offer the two ‘Accredited’ qualifications – BSA Barista Skills Level 1 & Barista Skills Level 2 VRQ.

The Beverage Standards Association working in partnership with COTECO is the only international integrated certification in Greece and Cyprus that educates Baristi and catering professionals equally in coffee, tea, cacao, smoothies, customer service / consumer behaviour / safety and hygiene.

For the first time in Nepal, the British Coffee School is proud to offer an internationally recognized UK Accredited qualification – Beverage Standards Association Level 2 Award in Professional Barista Skills. This qualification will equip you with a competitive edge in the Nepali job market but as well as keeping you one step ahead to find a job in an international arena.

To meet the market demand of skilled baristas, PHCA (Pacific Hospitality & Culinary Academy) joined hands with Beverage Standards Association (BSA) in the UK to open the British Coffee School. Our course is accredited by the Association, who work with the City & Guilds organisation to offer the Level 2 VRQ Barista Skills Level 2 VRQ qualification in the UK with a course content and syllabus that is internationally recognized.

If you want to learn the skills to be a professional barista, open your own coffee shop, want to introduce coffee in your establishment or simply brew that perfect cup of coffee for yourself, contact either COTECO Consulting or the British Coffee School. They will make sure you will be skilled enough to join any prestigious established coffee business in their locality or internationally.

As well, if you want to work in partnership with  the Beverage Standards Association and offer ‘Accredited’ Level 2 VRQ courses, contact Martyn Herriott who is Head of Centre and he is available on +441635 877173 or email