Member Benefit with Zero Procure

Launch of The BSA Procurement Partnership

Announcement – Introducing Zero Procure

We are delighted to announce the launch of The BSA Procurement Partnership with Zero Procure.

The primary goal of the BSA partnering with Zero Procure is to have a mechanism that encourages members to buy from other members.  And by partnering with Zero Procure, members also have the opportunity to take advantage of their purchasing expertise and galvanised buying power, to save them time as well as money, ensuring they are working with the right suppliers at the right price, across all areas of spend.

Whilst buying from other member suppliers will be a focus, utilising the service of Zero Procure covers many other overheads from non-supplier members such as:

Insurance  |  Furniture  |  Cleaning Chemicals  |  Stationery & Print

Marketing  |  Utilities  |  Accountancy  |  Brand & Design

Equipment  |  Waste  |  Credit Card Processing  |  Packaging

Tax Credits  | Food  |  Cleaning Services  |  Legal Services

HR & Culture  |  Beverage  |  Uniforms & Workwear  |  Consumables

How it works

In order to start saving money on their overheads, BSA Members simply need to:

Contact Zero Procure and quote “BSA Member”

⮚ Discuss the specific supply categories of interest and

⮚ Supply recent copy invoices or spend details to Zero Procure.

Supplier Selection Process

Zero Procure will undertake a detailed supplier selection process and present the savings to you. The most suitable supplier invited to connect with you, with no obligation to purchase.

No charge for BSA Members

There is no charge for members to use the procurement service as a buyer. Zero Procure never charges customers for their service.  Zero Procure will work closely with BSA supplier members. As well, we will use our own network of trusted suppliers who pay us a small commission for business they find for them.

Promoting the Partnership

Additionally, promoting the partnership to readers of Somethings Brewing and the wider Zero Procure Customer network, BSA Supplier Members will benefit from a high yielding and low-cost sales resource as a priority supplier.

Improving the Membership Offering

There no customer fee to use the procurement service. Zero Procure will pay a percentage of their supplier fees back to BSA and the Association will use this money to enhance various areas of their  membership offering.

We do hope your business will fully engage with Zero Procure as we continue to support one another through these challenging times and support the launch of the BSA Procurement Partnership.

The Zero Procure story to date

Enjoy a hot chocolote or a great espresso while reviewing your cost savings