Coffee Shops and the Coronavirus

Cafe Success LogoThe Cafesuccess hub is run by Claire & Andrew Bowen and they are the team behind the success of many well run and profitable independent cafes in the UK & Ireland. As a BSA Member they have put together a check list for cafes and hospitality businesses to help them during these challenging and unprecedented times.

The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is far-ranging across the world and will affect hospitality businesses like coffee shops and cafes because of the fear of it spreading in a social setting.

They recorded a Facebook live video with some practical ideas on how you can mitigate the risk to your existing business or you are if you are still in the planning stages what you need to build into your plans.

Key takeaways


  • Have a contingency fund of at least 1 months sales or 20% of your overall budget
  • Landlords will be more flexible with the level of rent they want
  • Keep rent agreed to below 10% of sales
  • Negotiate power contracts regularly
  • Join for more support and advice pre opening

Open and trading

  • Lead from the front, be a role model and give clear instruction to the team
  • Have a plan with your team so they are all on the same message as you
  • Speak to suppliers and Landlords and ask for extended credit – do not wait until you default before getting in touch
  • Talk to your bank for an overdraft facility
  • Contact your local authority for a rates reduction/suspension
  • Talk to your team about taking time off/reducing hours
  • Implement a smaller simpler menu you can produce with limited staff
  • Offer emergency services and carers a discount
  • Start a handwashing station and invite people in to wash hands
  • Keep an eye on industry trends – Starbucks are no longer accepting reusable cups
  • Make sure you are using the correct cleaning chemicals for the appropriate jobs
  • Don’t run out of cleaning products
  • Manage the return of dirty plates and cups to the counter or wash area to eliminate cross-contamination with clean items or food preparation.

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