The world is waking up

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Monday, 10th May Weekly Briefing
Goldman Sachs & Google – employee opposites

The world is waking up – at least it is in the UK – and the great debate about WOO (Working Out of the Office, my freshly minted three letter acronym) is hotting up. On the one hand there are companies – Goldman Sachs is one – who are pretty insistent that they want to see their employees back in the office. And there are others who are fairly relaxed one way or the other, and there are others – Google for example – who do not expect to see some employees at work at all. And I suspect there is a similar divergence amongst smaller businesses as well. So, The world is waking up.

Issues determine what happens

It seems to me that there are several issues that will determine what happens. The first is time. What happens over the next few weeks is not the end of the story but only the beginning. Time will tell. Second is the struggle between those people who want to go back to work – and those who don’t. Some people have found working at home during covid lockdowns a trial and want it to be over; others have enjoyed the freedom, the improved quality of life, the saved commuting costs. They want it to continue. Shortly, as the world wakes up some more, a pattern will settle in.

Pattern and “experience”

But forces will disrupt the pattern, not least the force that goes under the name of “experience”. For some, experience will show that we gain productivity and increase profits by working from home – “let’s do more of it” and others will find the opposite – and will do less of it. So the initial pattern will be disrupted.

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