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This week is UK Coffee Week 19 – 25 October 2020

Bean to Cup Series

UK Coffee Week BeantoCup videos delivered by coffee experts are an industry-focused series on Monday – Saturday at 6.30pm.

The episodes are designed to take the industry on a journey through the entire coffee process, enchasing knowledge at each step.

Starting with the sourcing of coffee (and the communities growing it) and, given the current climate, concluding on: How our industry can sustain itself – The impact of COVID and how to survive.

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Wednesday, 21st October

Episode 3: How water quality affects coffee

The most important ingredient in your coffee cup may very well be the coffee. However the largest ingredient by percentage is water. Yes, the wet stuff that falls from the sky and pours from our taps! Of course it matters! Tim Sturk, Director of Coffee Education at Cherry Coffee Training only needs a few minutes to show you why!

Next, find out why water has such an impact on the coffee you’re serving and how to get the best from your beans. Brought to your by Sam Scoles, Business Manager at BRITA UK.

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Thursday, 22nd October

Episode 4: The importance of milk in coffee

Ollie Sears, Qualified Barista and Authorised SCA Trainer, North Star Coffee Roasters introduces our session and talks to you about how milk quality affects coffee. He highlights the impact fat and protein levels in milk have on coffee microfoams, and what affect they have on the overall quality of the beverage.

…but how important is farming in producing the best milk possible? Arla has paired an organic milk farmer and a master barista consultant to talk on the detail of what goes into producing great quality milk, and why it’s important for coffee quality.

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Friday, 23rd October

Episode 5: Future of plant-based

Join Ashley Dawes, Judges Liaison for the SCA UK, Key Account Manager at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee as she discusses the drivers behind going plant-based, and how Covid-19 is changing the outlook of what we consume and the effect on the environment.

Ashley is followed by Alpro’s coffee experts Emily and Christian, who are spilling the beans on how to best maximise on the plant-based opportunity.

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Friday, 23rd October

Episode 6: How the industry can sustain itself – The impact of COVID and how to survive

A Q+A session with Barry Kither (Consultant at BSK Sales Solutions) and UK Coffee Week Founder Jeffrey Young, CEO of Allegra Strategies and the World Coffee Portal:

  1. Can coffee shops survive the pandemic?
  2. During the lockdown we saw people purchasing much more retail coffee online, can coffee shops win those customers back?
  3. Given that we still love coffee, we still want to get out in coffee shops, what are the factors stopping people going back into coffee shops?

Watch on Facebook and IGTV from 1830.

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