BSA Member Sponsors

BSA Member Sponsors

BSA Member Sponsors and other members come together for one spectacular week every year. The coffee industry and its customers raise money for ProjectWaterfall- a charity working to end the water crisis. Donations are made from every coffee sold, raffles that are run and events held. All coffee lovers across the UK can raise money on their commute, at work, and with their daily cup of coffee.

We are very proud that a number of our BSA Member Sponsors are involved with this worthwhile project. Thank you to the following Companies for taking the time and commitment.

BRITA Professional

As the Headline Sponsor for UK Coffee Week, BRITA are thrilled to be involved in this very different but very exciting event. We need to turn the spotlight back to coffee shops and the entire hospitality industry and hopefully this week of events will go some way to doing that.

BRITA will be running a workshop on Wednesday 21st October at 6.30pm to help both baristas and those making coffee at home understand the real impact water can have on coffee… makes up to 98% of the drink after all!

Fracino UK

Fracino are proud to be producing two workshop videos in conjunction with Shrewsbury-based roaster, Iron & Fire Coffee in our role as Industry Sponsor for UK Coffee Week.

Source – Salvage series

Source to Salvage is an online educational series of videos for the coffee industry, providing insight into the role of the Barista and the Fracino team have produced a video in a workshop format to showcase ways in which the barista achieves the most from the coffee they’re working with. Topics covered include ways of engaging with the customer without patronising them; the importance of learning as much as you’re able about the different coffees that they’re using – so as to be able to informatively chat with customers about their choice; trained handling of the different milk types that the barista uses so as not to spoil the texturising process and, finally, the importance of having correctly set-up and well-maintained equipment. Throughout the video, we cover such features as the need to manage costs without impacting on quality and presenting a trendy appearance without impacting on hygiene standards.

Coffee masterclass

Again, in partnership with Iron & Fire Coffee, we have produced a video-led insight into the best ways to achieve professional standard beverages with a home-user espresso machine. Full of tips and techniques, the video takes the viewer on a journey through the coffee making process of the barista and explains in simple terms how to achieve the wonderful flavours and textures that the professional barista creates – in the comfort of your own home.

This video is particularly poignant in the current situations as many more people work from home and are keen to ensure they don’t miss out on the enjoyment of their regular favourite coffee experience as a result.

Kimbo UK

Kimbo UK have been working with the BSA for many years an industry partner with UK Coffee week for 3 years. This year we are supporting them to get the nation having fun and talking about coffee!

We are preparing 2 videos about home brewing methods and preparation. At the end of the videos we hope the coffee lovers across the nation will have prepared, or be able to prepare, a perfect cup and hopefully feel that bit more knowledgeable about their favourite drink. We will be showcasing:

Neapolitan Flip Pot

Neapolitan flip coffee pot, known as Cuccuma for many of us is a drip-brew coffeemaker, and is very popular in all southern Italy. Unlike a moka-pot, it does not use the pressure of steam to extract coffee, instead is exploiting the gravity.

The coffee made with Cuccuma has a multiple distinctive characteristics. It has a complicated texture, accompanied by primary and secondary notes, which realizes its excellent uniqueness.


The Chemex coffeemaker was made by chemist Dr. P. Schulumbohm. His focus was on inventing a new coffee tool functional and attractive at the same time. His knowledge led him also to invent an optimum paper filter to achieve a balanced extraction.

The Chemex look took inspiration from Bauhaus school of design. It has been identified as an important invention by both Scientific and Design/Artistic communities. The two main characteristics are the very long shape and the thickness of the filter used, which together influence the texture of the final extraction, much cleaner than all the other methods.

Independent Coffee Guide & Independent Coffee Box

Publishing and marketing agency Salt Media is delighted to be supporting UK Coffee Week.  Nick Cooper, Director at Salt said: “We’re a creative agency that specialises in food, drink and well… coffee, so, we’ll be using our Indy Coffee Guide publications and our Indy Coffee Box coffee subscription service to raise as much money as possible for Project Waterfall, the charity behind UK Coffee Week.”

He continued “Our main focus will be the October edition of the Indy Coffee Box, our monthly coffee subscription service. October’s box will be an exclusive curation of coffees sourced from regions supported by Project Waterfall and roasted by UK roasters with direct links to those regions. We’re donating 10% of profits to Project Waterfall from every box sold. “

Coffee masterclasses and more …

In partnership with UK Coffee Week, The Indy Coffee Box has lined up a whole host of extras to accompany the box. Sign up for the special UK Coffee Week edition of the Indy Coffee Box before October 14 and you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive coffee roasted by Glen Lyon (Aberfeldy), Island Roasted (Isle of Wight), 92 Degrees (Liverpool) and Caravan Coffee (London).
  • Access to virtual coffee tastings, with tasting masterclasses, streamed over Facebook and IGTV
  • A special edition of Brew, the Indy Coffee Box journal with tasting notes and background info on the coffees and roasters
  • Special treats from Kind snacks and other UK Coffee Week partners
  • Exclusive discounts and offers from UK Coffee Week partners

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