The World can be cruel

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Monday, 18th October 2021 Weekly Briefing
The World can be cruel

After a year and a half of trading (if you’re lucky) at a fraction of what you’re used to, you are facing a vision, if not of sunny uplands, then at least of large scale improvement and security. And then, wham!, you’re hit by a whole barrage of issues that nobody has a right to expect. But out of this wreckage there are some signs for real hope.

Since 2020 it has been difficult for hospitality

It’s trite to observe that the period since early 2020 has been difficult for hospitality (and for the rest of the world). But that, by way of convenience, is where I’ll start. The past difficult times have included periods of fear, of lockdowns, of pingdemics, of extremely awkward and problematic discussions with employees, landlords, suppliers and many other stakeholders. It’s been a time of hopes that have been dashed. But above all it’s been a time when the hospitality sector has proved resilient.

The nature of hospitality

And without being misty eyed it has done this, in my view, because of the nature of hospitality that lies at its core. As I have often argued, this essential nature is about people – about welcoming them, respecting them, caring for them. In times of difficulty these are excellent traits to have – they call forth self-help and resilience, assisting those less fortunate, arranging things selflessly with friends, and strangers. As I say, I think these things are true, no matter how misty-eyed they may appear.

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