Attracting the waiter’s attention

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Monday, 25th October 2021 Weekly Briefing
Attracting the waiter’s attention

You know how frustrating it is when you want to attract the waiter’s attention – you wave your hand, you mutter (not too loud otherwise the people on neighbouring tables will hear) “I’m here!”. That happened to me last week in a pub, part of an upmarket chain, in the western outskirts of London. I arrived a few minutes before my lunch companion and so I had a brief chat with the waitress. She seemed friendly enough and in answer to one of my questions, she observed that “after covid, some guests are quite rude”.

Empty tables

I should have taken that as a clue. Anyway, a quarter of an hour later, of the 25 tables or so tables, 23 were empty – and there was a total of almost five guests. So, it wasn’t busy. And there were two waiting staff and a barman at the bar – a generous staff to guest ratio. We were ready to place our order. I waved (“I’m here. I’m here ready to place my order”). Finally, after what seemed enough time to pour a pint or two, I was spotted. In a spirit of what I intended to be helpful feedback I pointed out to the waitress that I had to wave for about a minute and a half before I was noticed (this would be a useful KPI to measure I thought). The response: “I came over as soon as I saw you”. “Well”, I said “that’s true but it’s not what I wanted to convey”. I went on, musing out loud: “How can I say this without upsetting you?”. She said: “I’m already upset”. So, suddenly I’m the one who’s at fault.

Drinks on the house?

At that point, my lunch companion, a seasoned industry veteran, said “I think we should leave”. So we did with the words of the waitress, that our drinks were on the house, ringing in our ears.

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