Something’s Brewing established Business Partnerships

Since the launch of the Beverage Standards Association’s Something’s Brewing e-publication in August 2020 the magazine has established a substantial following from people and businesses involved in the Hospitality sector.

We are delighted to confirm that BWT UK Limited and The Evoca Group will continue in 2022 to support and strengthen the quality, influence and scope of Something’s Brewing.

Steve Slark, Chairman of the BSA said “It is tremendous that these two companies, each leaders in their own field of expertise continue to support our publication, Something’s Brewing”. Slark continued, “Working with Evoca and BWT UK will allow all of us to build upon the Association’s achievements established over many years. Something’s Brewing is a dynamic magazine designed to showcase innovation, offer advice and provide insight into every aspect of a sector where beverage equipment, water filtration, spare parts and training are increasingly important to today’s hospitality businesses. We are certainly thrilled to work with all of them”.

Something’s Brewing establishes Partnerships

Will Hinton, National Sales Manager commented on the 2022 Something’s Brewing Partnership, “BWT water+more found their first year partnering with the BSA’s Something’s Brewing magazine was so successful they were delighted to renew for a second year! To date, they say, content has been relevant, slick and professional.”

The BWT water+more message to readers is about the many benefits of ‘getting water right’. This matters in ALL catering environments, but especially for quality Coffee and Tea, where it is over 90% of the final beverage. Using the latest technology, the team at BWT water+more optimise tap water to create premium hot and cold beverages and minimise equipment damage. They also promote a powerful CSR programme focussed on alleviating drinking water poverty across the world with their message and logo ‘Change the world – sip by sip’.

As an extra bonus, in 2022 BWT water+more begin a three year partnership with The SCA and the World Barista Championships, which we expect will give articles some interesting perspectives for regular and new readers alike.

Something’s Brewing established Partnerships

Evoca UK are the proud manufacturer of Gaggia Milano professional espresso machines and grinders. While elegant and contemporary Italian style is at the heart of the appeal of the machines, there is real substance behind the looks.

Craig Jukes, Evoca UK’s Sales Director explains that: “Baristas are never disappointed with a Gaggia machine. With quarter turn knobs for ergonomic handling, chrome touches for elegant styling, a capacitive keypad or sleek buttons for making their selections, the user experience is second to none and baristas are sure to find a model that complements the way they like to work, as well as looking great on their countertop.

“At Evoca, we’re committed to developing machines that offer the best possible value for money and help users to work efficiently, so we’re delighted to be working in partnership with Something’s Brewing and collaborating closely with the BSA and their members”, says Evoca UK’s Sales Director, Craig Jukes.

Whatever your preference, Gaggia have got it covered.

If you would like to learn more about the Beverage Standards Association contact Steve Slark at or visit our web site