Obsesity & train travel

Obesity & train travel

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Monday, 30th May 2022 Weekly Report
Past, present and future on the railways

Last Tuesday was the day the Elizabeth Line started and, just as I had travelled on the Docklands Light Railway on its opening day in August 1987, so I also took the Elizabeth Line. To my untutored eye it’s a magnificent piece of engineering. But without taking anything away from it we’ve seen it all before: the cathedral-like entrance, the deep escalators, the large and bright walkways have been with us at Westminster and other stations for several years; glass sliding doors between platform and train are a feature of the Jubilee Line; the electronic signs in the train are useful but we already have pretty much the same information on LED screens on all other lines; and walkthrough carriages have been on subsurface lines for years.

What do they tell us about foodservice?

So what does this past, present and future pattern of travel tell us about the foodservice sector (or indeed any business activity)? Perhaps it’s worth a reminder that, although things might improve (like travel times), many things (the threat of strikes perhaps) still stay the same. It also says that while things might look like huge improvements (such as the Elizabeth Line) they may, in fact, be based on a multiplicity of many already established developments (suitably spruced up perhaps)

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Monday, 23rd May 2022 Weekly Report
The Fattest Nation in Europe

A number of weeks ago, the Daily Telegraph posed a question: ‘With the UK set to become the fattest nation in Europe within a decade, is our over-reliance on delivery apps hurting us?’.

This question arose out of the WHO European Regional Obesity Report 2022. With extensive statistics and other evidence, the report shows, amongst other things, that in 2016 the UK ranked 4th (out of 55 countries) in terms of the prevalence of overweight people, it ranked 11th on the same measure among 5-9 year olds while it ranked 8th among 10 to 19 year olds. And the report also identifies research that, for instance, shows a threefold increase in severe obesity amongst UK women in the three years 2017 to 2019. It also notes some of the sources of this obesity

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