BSA Bulletin – December 2019

Our December 2019 News Bulletin is now launched and will be available on the BSA web site and an update will be sent to you through Mail Chimp too.

Scoop Malone has, as always, turned up some of the fascinating news of the coffee industry, with his usual quirky humour. There’s the first big story on the new tea show coming to London in March 2020. As well I have taken a very perceptive look at what the pundits said was going to happen in the trade 2019, and what did!

There’s a lovely little feature on Christmas servings – no, not the usual kind. This is what to do if you’ve completely forgotten about planning a ‘special’ on the menu. And we report on the Huffington Post’s quite wonderful survey of Christmas drinks in the top coffee chains… including the one that ‘smells like window cleaner’.

This last year has been very exciting for the Beverage Standards Association and we are delighted to confirm that our PopUp Show will be at Bury Lodge on Wednesday, 18th March 2020 and please contact Karen Kleber at POPUPTRADESHOW@GMAIL.COM or phone 01279 780258 to book your space.

As well, we are supporting the London Tea Show, a new trade exhibition which will take place at the Business Design Centre, in Islington, London, on 24-25 March 2020. If you are a BSA Member you can claim a 10% discount on your stand price. Contact for further information.

Thank you for your support of the Association and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2020.

Steve Slark
BSA Chairman