Barista Training Partnership in Athens

Barista Training Partnership in Athens

COTECO SA, the official representative of the BSA educational curricula in Greece and Cyprus is very proud to announce its Barista Training Partnership in Athens with the Wine & Spirits Professional Centre (WSPC) is the place in Athens to study wine, spirits, coffee, beverages.

WSPC was founded in Greece in 2004 with the aim of offering world-renowned, quality, and hands-on education to existing and aspiring professionals in wine, spirits, tourism, catering and cruise industries. For 17 years, WSPC builds up exceptionally trained professionals in wine and spirits, able to deliver impeccable services, to offer added value and to meet the rising demands in the forementioned highly competitive sectors.


Today, together WSPC and COTECO are aiming at bringing a new era of education to the Greek hospitality industry. Bringing it all together under one roof in the 1150 sq meters at the WSPC educational campus, the newly established state of the art Coffee, Cocoa and Tea Lab with its own separate building within the campus, raises the standards in Barista, Coffee, Tea and Cocoa education, not only for the Greek market, but also for the international one.

The objective of this new Barista Training Partnership in Athens between WSPC and COTECO is to provide professional knowledge and technical expertise in the areas of all beverages, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic: wine, spirits, coffee, tea and cocoa. Combining the educational curriculum of WSET, Court of Masters and the BSA Barista courses, WSPC and COTECO are aiming at changing the Greek educational hospitality scene, creating 360o beverage specialist professionals.

These professionals will be characterized by an in-depth theoretical product knowledge, sensory specialization, inimitable soft skills, customer service education and hospitality. This will ensure their ability to provide unrivalled hospitality experiences and upscale services in accordance with the philosophy of the Greek 5-star hotels and luxury tourism scene.

Marilena Kouidou of COTECO is pleased to announce that ‘The first “BSA Level 1 Barista Plus Course in Barista Skills” was successfully completed at the end of May, in the new WSPC Coffee, Cocoa and Tea Lab and received enthusiastic feedback from the candidates involved.’ Marilena continued ‘That regular Level 1 and Level 2 Barista Skills Courses will be running at the WSPC educational campus for the coming months’.

If you require further information and details for Barista Skills courses at WSPC please contact Marilena of COTECO at