“Greed is good” and “Wellness”

“Greed is good” and “Wellness”

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Monday, 26th July Weekly Briefing
“Greed is good” and “Wellness”

Two opposing concepts, ideologies even, that emerged in the 1980s, are both concerned with the individual but manifest themselves in different ways.

“Greed is good” says that the way to succeed, or at least to get on, is to be selfishly concerned with one’s own prospects – and in the commercial world that expresses itself in go-getting, profitcentric businesses. This is a good thing, not only because it generates wealth for investors but also because it provides a workplace dynamic that appeals to those who feel that “Greed is good”.

“Wellness”, too, is an expression of being selfishly concerned – in this case, to be selfishly concerned with how good one feels about oneself. It is expressed in many ways including concern for one’s fellow being. But unlike “Greed is good”, “Wellness” has much less commercial resonance. My question is: is this about to change?

Andrew Stembridge

The reason why it is apposite to ask this question now, is epitomised by a presentation I was privileged to hear last week from Andrew Stembridge, Executive Director of Iconic Luxury Hotels, owners of Chewton Glen and Cliveden amongst others. He knows a thing or two about people and their motivations – both customers’ and employees’. He specifically noted the increased importance people placed on wellness during covid and in our subsequent discussion we talked about why this would be.

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