Will the restaurant sector evolve

Will the restaurant sector evolve

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Monday, 7th June Weekly Briefing
Will the restaurant sector evolve

How will the restaurant sector evolve after covid? There are some clues from past experience in the graduates from my ten-year long project – Ones to Watch – which identifies restaurant brands that have 5 to 25 outlets with a growth rate (in terms of new sites) of 20% or more over the prior 3 years.


Over the years, 49 brands, by virtue of expanding to over 25 sites, have “graduated” from Ones to Watch. These companies are a useful collection that allows us to look at how the casual dining / fast casual sector has evolved since 2012.

Two cohorts

The period since then has been split into two by covid. And this allows us to look at two cohorts – the first is those with at least 5 years’ trading after graduating before covid struck – and the second cohort consists of those with fewer than 5 years’ trading (some with only one year).

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