The young ARE eager to learn

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Monday, 24th May Weekly Briefing
Remarkable people

Over the past few weeks I have been privileged to be involved with two groups of remarkable people who are young and are eager to learn. One group is represented by Arena Futures and the other by Surrey University; both are populated by young people at the start of their careers.

Eager & ambitious

But what ties them together is more than that. First, they are thoroughly nice people, and they are also eager to learn, eager to do things, ambitious and yet they are humble in acknowledging that they have much to learn, and respectful of those who can teach them. I have been struck by what a good job the hospitality industry has done to bring these young people to the point where they want to become deeply involved and to make their way in this frustrating, challenging but ultimately personally rewarding industry.

Training Skills

On another plane, it has been obvious to me over the years that the foodservice sector (and the wider hospitality industry) has been adept at formally training chefs and other back of house skills; at the same time it has also trained generations of people with front of house skills – from waiting to front desk management. In other words, skills are what hospitality has been able to teach.

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