Printed Cup Company Thrives As The High Street Revives

The Consumer Buying behaviour has altered

The UK economy has seen a huge shift in consumer buyer behaviour caused by the pandemic which paves the way for future market trends. With countrywide stay at home restrictions and changes to peoples financial and situational circumstances, people have changed the way in which they spend their money. According to Accenture, consumers have become more health conscious opting to buy from local, trusted sources such as bakeries, butchers and fruit and veg sellers. In areas where the pandemic is stabilizing but health concerns remain high, consumers are buying more online as they shield themselves from public places or they may venture to more familiar, local areas where they feel more comfortable and at less risk.

As a manufacturer of single use takeaway packaging, the Printed Cup Company has witnessed this change in behaviour first hand as the UK economy has shifted. Local businesses prepare and respond to this shift in consumer activity by switching to single use, takeaway packaging for food and beverage products that would otherwise be consumed on the premises. We have seen a huge surge in enquiries from new cafes and coffee outlets providing takeaways, resulting in two to three new customers every week! Opening the doors to local footfall and serving their local community, businesses are able to satisfy the emerging surge in local demand while still adhering to national public health restrictions.

Christmas themed paper cups

We recently promoted our Halloween paper cups throughout October and the response we got was incredible, with people ordering cups ready to celebrate Halloween all over the country. This month we have launched a brand new range of Christmas themed paper cups which are achieving an equally enthusiastic response with orders flowing in already. Printed Cup Company founder Mark Woodward seems to think this surge in demand is due to the financial help and support from the government which enables cafes and restaurants to set-up and switch to takeaway services in light of the pandemic.

The UK economy has
On-line shopping continues to increase

With an increase in online shopping from the stay at home worker, we are witnessing an increase in demand for home takeaway delivery services. The Printed Cup Company has had multiple requests for resealable takeaway lids to go with paper cups, specifically requested for takeaway delivery services. Companies such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Grub Hub specify that drinks for delivery must be sealed to prevent spillages, therefore normal sip through lids would not be suitable. Other takeaway packaging such as greaseproof paper and hot food containers have also witnessed an increase in demand, hinting at the shift in request towards takeaway food services.

Greater demands improve flexibility

Although these markets make up a small percentage of The Printed Cup Company’s total business for bespoke printed paper cups, the demand for takeaway food packaging is higher than in previous years and maybe shows the green shoots of a recovery on the high street.As a reaction to increasing market demand and enhanced pressure to support local businesses, the Printed Cup Company has recently invested in a brand new machine enabling us to double our production capacity of certain printed products. Such products include hot food containers and plastic cold drinks cups used by takeaway outlets all over the country.

The Printed Cup Company specialises in bespoke cup printing

As a UK manufacturer specialising in a bespoke service and small quantity orders, we are most likely witnessing market changes ahead of most.  We are a small, family run company that are happy to guide newbies through the process of getting as much value as possible out of the marketing potential of branded takeaway packaging and printed paper cups.  We provide competitive quotes, lead times as fast as 24 hours, and an in-house design service to help bring your ideas to life. Contact one of our account managers for a chat – we are always happy to help!


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