Staff Shortages and how?

Will the restaurant sector evolve

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Monday, 14th June Weekly Briefing

Specifically I’ve been thinking about the changes that will make a difference to the foodservice sector – and how the changes will come about. And what is the role of luck – and what is the role of judgement – in determining which changes will win out?

Staff Shortages

How are businesses reacting to this? Some, like Michel Roux, are shutting their business at times when they won’t have enough people to offer customers the service they expect. Another solution is to ramp up levels of pay with the long-term implications of changing the cost structure with a consequent potential long term hit to the P&L, so that funding becomes more difficult, and so it goes on.

Other tatics

Yet other businesses are adopting a tactic that seems novel but isn’t (because it’s been used many times in the past) – they are offering cash rewards to employees who introduce new workers to the business. How long before someone builds the app that puts employees in touch with people who are ready to become their “friend”, so they both benefit from the reward? Maybe the app already exists?

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