Ya aint a loser till ya quits trying


The Beverage Standards Association has made a unique move towards supporting its members during the current crisis. It has made members a gift of a book (Ya Ain’t a Loser Until Ya Quits Tryin) of inspiring quotations to encourage a positive attitude to fighting through such an adverse situation.

The book “Ya Ain’t a Loser Until Ya Quits Tryin’!” brings together a series of wise words from such diverse characters as Geronimo, Mark Twain, Florence Nightingale and Walt Disney.  They share a common theme of encouragement through difficult times.

“Some of the quotes are epic – refreshing in these challenging times to learn and reflect,” said a BSA director, and a reviewer has noted: “this is powerful, thought-provoking stuff… and makes you realise, it is never too late.”

In making the book available to his members and anyone else in the beverage trade, BSA chairman Steve Slark has written:  “This is probably the most bizarre period that any of us have ever experienced in our business lives.  Apart from the physical danger to health, the idea that we are simply not permitted to work or run our businesses is almost unbelievable.

“But things will get better. We have to believe this. I hope people in the trade will find this encouraging as we resolve to get our lives going again.”

One typically encouraging remark for present times is credited to the great comic actor Kenneth Williams, who wrote: “There is not just one second chance – we have thousands of second chances, just so long as we wonder at the sunset, the stars in the heavens, and the promise of the new day.”

And the title is also a quotation – it comes from a American football manager!

“Ya Ain’t a Loser Until Ya Quits Tryin’!” is available from Amazon at £3.75, or can be downloaded free from the BSA website, www.beveragestandardsassociation.co.uk.