Working from Home – is it working?

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Monday, 1st November 2021 Weekly Briefing
Working from Home – is it working?

Now that summer is over we should begin to find out if the “touted” return to the office, and hybrid working, has really arrived. So far, I have only seen anecdotal evidence but not much of it. So I revisited the white paper I wrote with François Blouin earlier this year. Then I decided to have a wider look around.

London centric

I extracted information about London, specifically, from the Huq Index to see how visits to restaurants, quick service outlets and pubs in the capital compared with the rest of the country. The results are revealing, if not unexpected. Customer “traffic” in London is much lower (compared with pre-covid levels) than in the rest
of Great Britain. In fact, since the reopening in July 2020 just before the start of Eat Out to Help Out, the purple line shows London has been running at about half the levels seen in the rest of the country (where the picture is very similar in all regions).

Passenger journeys

I then took a look at how passenger journeys on the TFL System – buses, tubes, the DLR, London Overground – compares. This data is only available monthly (Huq data is available daily). This additional information is particularly revealing because it shows that journeys into, and around, London have been growing faster than visits to restaurants (and quick service outlets and pubs).

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