Who Will Win the Land Grab?

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Monday, 29th November 2021 Weekly Report
Who will win the land grab

In August I wrote about grocery delivery and posed the question “who will win the land grab”? Ultra-fast grocery delivery – less than 30 minutes, even 10 to 15 minutes, from placing the order to delivering it – involves a host of companies in the UK (and it’s taken the rest of the world by storm too) that includes: Getir, Gorillas, Dija, Weezy, Flink, Genie, Cajoo, and Fancy (and I have no doubt left some out). What has happened to the ownership of these companies recently that might shed light on my initial question?

Shape and reshaping ownership

Clearly a lot is going on to shape and reshape ownership in this rapidly (and I mean rapidly) developing market segment. What were 8 companies last summer have now become 3. And these 3 – Getir, GoPuff, Gorillas (together with its trade investors: Delivery Hero and DoorDash) -plus Amazon in the background, have raised large war chests for investment in operations, marketing, technology – and acquisitions.

Smallest fruits in the UK

The smallest fruits, in the UK at least, have now been picked off. What happens next? More of the same is the answer – across the world. And once all the smaller players have been hoovered up, the large players will slug it out amongst themselves. Let’s hope there is enough profit at the end of the day. But one thing stands out for me: and that is the way in which entrepreneurs, seeing an opportunity to create something for sale quickly, have created businesses with the specific intention of selling them on

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