UKHospitality – COVID-19 Draft Hospitality Guidelines

UKHospitality - COVID-19 Draft Hospitality

COVID-19 Secure Guidlines & Risk Assessment for the Hospitality Industry

UKHospitality, in collaboration with industry stakeholders, has identified three key principles. These procedures look towards the hospitality, leisure and tourism sector gradually re-opening venues. This will be in order to play our part in the national economic recovery (UKHospitality – COVID-19 Draft Hospitality).

This is caveated by businesses being clear they do not wish to move ahead with re-opening before the time is right. In this regard and there is a willingness to remain closed in support of the Government health-led advice in place.

Three key principles

1. A phased approach to re-opening determined by social distancing guidelines as part of stage 3 of the Government’s reopening roadmap
2. Continued and enhanced support for closed businesses (furlough, rents, financing)
3. Industry-developed operational risk assessments to ensure businesses are COVID-19 Secure (such as this document)

The Government’s COVID-19 Secure guidelines are the legal requirement to adhere to make your
business COVID-19 safe.


Individual risk assessment

To do this, you must have an individual risk assessment for your premises outlining how you are meeting these guidelines. Carry these out in your business to keep your staff and customers safe. An example risk assessment will be available with the full guideline document.

The sectoral advice in this document is a collation of good practice inform your robust risk assessment. Changes to your premises and operating plans, supported by individual risk assessments for each specific site as each hospitality business is different. It will be key to ensure that all elements of the risk assessment can be evidenced.

It will be key to ensure that all elements of the risk assessment can be evidenced in a practical way and in
line with the Government COVID-19 Secure guidelines. This document brings together input from across the wide spectrum of hospitality businesses to help inform their own risk assessments for their individual businesses.

Please contact if you have any feedback on this doument

Read the draft document here.

UKHospitality - COVID-19 Draft Hospitality