Semi final and Final 2020

Following a number of hard fought heats around the UK the final 10 competitors will go through their paces at the semi final to be held at the UK Tea Academy in London on Tuesday, 24th March. The top six will then compete in the finals on Wednesday, 25th March and the first national UK Tea Brewer’s Champion will be crowned.

The semi-finalists are.

Nadine El-Hage
Nadine came to appreciate tea through her background of working in both wellbeing and hospitality. Her love of plants, herbs, culture and travel lead to training with the UK Tea Academy, where she now works assisting as a Brewer with the courses and workshops.
She also leads bespoke events and workshops, as well as consulting for speciality cafes and independent companies. Her sessions are focused around tea as connection, culture, and ritual, all rolled into a mutli-sensory experience. She continues to research, learn, and share the amazing intricacies of the tea world.

Louisa Johnson
Runs Debonair Tea Company, a small, independent business, based in Hythe, Kent. I’m 33, have two very small children and a husband who works away for 6 months of the year so it’s fair to say I have my hands full!
I am an accredited tea sommelier with the UK Tea Academy and was the first person to receive this accreditation over three years ago. I have been a tea geek since I was a small but was prompted to embark on a career in the industry when tea seemed to be falling behind as “third wave” coffee was becoming more and more established. After 5 years in, I am still passionate about continuing to demonstrate what sets speciality tea apart from dusty teabags – whether they are comprised of leaves from the camellia sinensis plant or other herbal sources!

Rob Simpson
Information to follow.

Dominik Jurasz
I have always enjoyed a cup of tea, but London has shown me to a whole new world. Working in various positions within the hotels and restaurants has taught me that there is diverse spectrum of flavours behind teas which one cannot easily find in a coffee shops or restaurants. This intrigued me so much that I started to explore this hidden world of tea during my free time. Passion about artisan tea making and the beauty behind tea brewing rituals has inspired me so much that I want to share this knowledge with others.

Erica Moore
Erica Moore is the founder of speciality tea company, eteaket. As a recovering lawyer who had a life’s too short moment in the bath in 2007, she’s on a mission to help people live life on purpose through the pause for whole leaf tea. eteaket has a tearoom and a concept store in Edinburgh, an online shop and specialises in helping hospitality businesses make their tea offering fabulous. They supply tea to the likes of SKY, Lloyds Banking Group, Tom Kitchin and Joel Robuchon. She’s a mentor and supporter for the Prince’s Trust, a regular speaker on all things tea and business related and lives by the sea in Edinburgh with her husband and two young girls.

Adam Taylor
Information to follow.

Evita Upeniece
I’ve been working with tea since I was 18, my first job was at a tea shop in Riga (Latvia). After moving to London, I kept working in the tea industry. Now I’m Tea sommelier (UK Tea Academy qualified) and tea shop manager at Good and Proper Tea, Leather Lane, London.

Zuzanna Zbik-Novak
I am a humble tea hobbyist from Krakow, Poland. I came to the UK while working on my dissertation on Chinese tea in 18th-century England and stayed. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies and am now finishing my MA in Creative Writing. I strongly believe there aren’t many things better than catching up with close friends over a good da Hong pao and baklava cake.

Mihail Bogdan Danielescu-Chirlomez
Following my passion for tea in a coffee world, a couple of years ago I accepted a professional challenge and relocated to London arriving from the magic “land beyond the forests”: Transylvania (Romania). Blending perfectly balanced tisanes for the house was a family tradition transmitted from generation to generation.
Presently I work for a long time established London tea counter, keeping the tradition of selling a fine choice selection, blending mixtures by request and telling stories like in the old good tea days.
Having a UK Tea Academy Tea Sommelier certification and a MA in History/Art History I am currently experimenting and developing a special art & tea blending approach.
In my search for a perfect cuppa I am studying through permanently challenging my brewing and blending skills, being enthused about having the opportunity to participate to the UK Tea Brewing Championship.