Two Announcements

“Greed is good” and “Wellness”

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Monday, 16th August 2021 Weekly Briefing
Two Announcements

For some time in my Weekly Briefing Reports I have been talking about the way change will evolve and impact the foodservice sector. And this week, two announcements caught my eye because they embody what I believe is happening, and will continue to happen for some time.

Further Comment

But before commenting on these announcements, here is what I believe has been happening. We need to start in the deepest days of covid, when the foodservice sector (and indeed the wider hospitality sector) was to all intents and purposes shut down. Businesses were focused on survival and an important element of their strategies was to cut costs. That meant that sites were let go and staff were declared redundant or furloughed. As time went by, over the following year or so, some of the infrastructure – locations, people, supply chains – were left to degrade, not necessarily to a final stop but, at least, significantly.

Examing Infrastructure

Now, the world is waking up. Businesses are examining their remaining infrastructure. And many are finding it in a poor state. So now they are making strenuous efforts to replace those bits missing from their infrastructure; those efforts are frequently guided by a desire to revert to the status quo before covid. Thus, most businesses are engaged in a race to recapture their necessary infrastructure. But given the different natures of each business, each is engaged in its own race and its own priorities.

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