The Beverage Standards Association looking forward to the Future

In 2021 the Association will have been in existence for 25 years and during that period many changes have happened in the out of home industry which has required Companies to flex, and in many cases reinvent their businesses. However, during this period the BSA has been there to work alongside and help Members’ with professional authoritive information.

Therefore, this year’s AGM held at Fracino in Birmingham on the 20th June covered many of the issues that are affecting Members now and possibly what will affect them in the next 25 years, along with the Associations successes over the last 18 months.

The Directors – Peter Atmore & Angus McKenzie – alongside the Chairman Steve Slark covered the launch of the Associations new web site which offers a much-improved knowledge base and forum for Members to work with. Over the coming months the site will be updated with further information and all members are encouraged to visit the site on a regular basis. Alongside this, Bryan Stockley launched the unique Out of Home ‘Accreditation’ process for establishments offering hot beverages and want to understand what they do well and how they can improve to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Steve Slark outlined the success of the PopUp Show held at Bury Lodge on the 20th June which had over thirty exhibitors and attracted a significant number of visitors. From the success of this Show it has been agreed that further shows will be held in 2020.

Martyn Herriott who is Head of Centre for City & Guilds & International Training gave an update on the success of the UK’s Associations Centres who have developed working relationships with the Princess Trust and local colleges which has meant that 128 candidates have been awarded a City & Guilds Level 2 VRQ certificate since the 1st September 2018. Alongside this, International Training Centres across Greece and Kathmandu continue to develop the BSA Level 2 VRQ certificate and over 450 candidates since the 1st September 2018 have succeeded in obtaining this qualification and gone on to have success in the out of home industry throughout Europe & Asia.

The 2018/19 finances remain stable and as much money as possible is reinvested into projects to benefit Members and these include the PopUp Show, Café Accreditation, the web site and training. The income is significantly derived from the subscriptions and training and therefore, it is an ongoing challenge in bringing on new members’ as there is a churn on Companies leaving at the end of each financial year. However, in 2018/19 a significant number of new Companies joined and have become very involved in the Associations activities. The Directors and Chairman are committed to increasing the number of Companies joining over the coming years and increasing their involvement in the work undertaken.

The Association works with the OOH Magazine and the Chairman has a monthly column highlighting the work of the Association and its members can also be involved with articles and obtaining a small discount on advertising rates. Working with trade magazines has benefitted the Association; therefore, there is significant input through Social Media and all Companies who are members are encouraged to be part of this through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

With the Association depending primarily on the work of people who are involved in their own businesses, the Directors and Chairman are looking for more people to join the Executive Committee (four meetings a year) and take a very active part in growing a successful and vibrant Association. If you want additional details, contact Steve Slark at

The meeting closed late afternoon and several visitors went into Birmingham to have a curry and continue discussing many pressing issues.