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Farrer’s signature Lakeland Special Tea now in 100% biodegradable tea bags

Lake District tea and coffee merchant John Farrer & Co is pleased to announce their signature Lakeland Special Tea is now being served in 100% biodegradable tea bags.

Every year at least 60 billion cuppas are consumed in the UK and around 95% of them are made using tea bags. Historically tea bags have used polypropylene plastic to glue the product together contributing to the mountain of waste that simply can’t be recycled.

There have been many ways to cut down on plastic waste in terms of our drinking habits in recent years, including eliminating plastic straws and not consuming drinks in single-use bottles, but tea drinkers were definitely left out in the cold.

In order to help reduce plastic waste Farrer’s has plans to move all of their teabags to 100% biodegradable formats in the future, making sure all of their tea bag packaging is also totally recyclable.

The first of the teabags to be changed to the new, recyclable/biodegradable material is their most popular blended tea, the iconic Lakeland Special Tea in 80 bag boxes.

From here on in Farrer’s Lakeland Special tea bags will be made from sustainably sourced wood pulp, sealed with vegetable starch to allow the customer to put in their composts or rubbish bins without the guilt. But that’s not all, the boxes the bags come in have had a makeover too, meaning the packaging no longer requires plastic wrap to keep the tea fresh, making them 100% recyclable. All of which means you now can enjoy a refreshing brew of our award-winning signature blend of tea at any time of the day without contributing to landfill.

Farrer’s General Manager, Rob Baines, commented: ‘’Most of the UK’s tea drinkers may be unaware that the tea bags they use to brew up each day could be sealed using plastics that can’t be recycled and invariably end up in landfill. Our plan at Farrer’s is to introduce totally biodegradable plastic free teabags and fully recyclable, sustainable packaging, across the whole range of tea bags, so that we can help protect our planet for future generations.’’

A box of 80 Farrer’s 100% biodegradable and recyclable Lakeland Special Tea Bags is priced at £3.15 and can be purchased directly through: https://farrerscoffee.co.uk/ or from selected retailers.

For further information about John Farrer & Co, Kendal please visit: https://farrerscoffee.co.uk or email: sales@farrerscoffee.co.uk or telephone: 01539 720 020.