Study Shows Single Use Packaging…

Life Cycle Assessment study

Study Shows Single Use Paper Packaging Better for Environment than Reusable

A Life Cycle Assessment study published in January 2021 by the European Paper Packaging Association (EPPA) reveals that ‘single use paper-based food and drink packaging used in European quick service restaurants is better for the environment than reusable tableware’.

The LCA was undertaken by the Danish consultants to the EU, Ramboll and has been certified by certification body TUV. Using primary data over a year, the LCA found ‘reusable tableware generated 177% more CO2-e emissions than the paper-based single use system, consumed 267% more fresh water, produced 132% more fine particulates matter, increased fossil depletion by 238% and terrestrial acidification by 72%. The press statement can be viewed here and the report here.

In certifying the Life Cycle Assessment study TUV states “All significant parameters are available and representative and have been systematically derived and duly assessed. All type of approvals have been checked. The assessments and the underlying data collection and calculation procedures are transparent and traceable.”

An infographic highlighting key points can be downloaded here.

Life Cycle Assessment study

Released: 22nd January 2021

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