Something’s Brewing – Promoting March’21

The March 2021 edition will start our journey on ‘Beverage equipment and Made in Britain’. The full features list is available here. The deadline date for the March edition is Wednesday, 24th February. Contact our editor Amy as soon as possible to let her know what information you will be supplying.

The March edition will cover Espresso Machines and Coffee Grinders. The sectors are Traditional Espresso Machines, Hybrid Espresso Machines & Manual/Home coffee brew gear. The sectors on grinders covers basic, on-demand, true grind (by weight) and home grinders.

So, as a Supplier, a Distributor or end-user, tell us about the above equipment you have launched or will be launching in early 2021 or use within your business and we will include it in the appropriate edition.

As well, we are offering a Membership Digital Package.
Gold = 6 full pages at £150 per edition
Silver = 6 1/2 pages at £100 per edition
Bronze = 6 1/4 pages at £50 per edition.
Businesses see the opportunity for our growing promotional digital advertisement base and will want to jump on board. This is at a time where other magazines are seeing a real drop in their advertising revenue.

The readership of Something’s Brewing is growing across all sectors of the hospitality industry. Therefore take up this opportunity by contacting Amy the Editor at

The February edition of Something’s Brewing was sent to over 6,500 contacts.