Something’s Brewing establishes Business Partnerships to grow

Since the launch of the Beverage Standards Association’s Something’s Brewing e-publication in August 2020, under the editorial guidance of the BBC’s Amy Cutter, it has established a substantial following from people and businesses involved in the Hospitality sector.

In an exciting development, three very well-known hospitality sector partners – LF Spares, BWT UK Limited and The Evoca Group – have come together to support and strengthen the quality, influence and scope of Something’s Brewing.

Steve Slark, Chairman of the BSA said “It is tremendous that these three companies, each leaders in their own field of expertise, have joined forces with our publication, Something’s Brewing”. Slark continued, “Working with Evoca, LF Spares and BWT & More will allow all of us to build upon the Association’s achievements established over many years. Something’s Brewing is a dynamic magazine designed to showcase innovation, offer advice and provide insight into every aspect of a sector where beverage equipment, water filtration, spare parts and training are increasingly important to today’s hospitality businesses. We are certainly thrilled to work with all of them”.

Something’s Brewing establishes PartnershipsMark Brooks, Director of LF Spare Parts Ltd. explains: “Each member of the REPA Group brings its own area of expertise to the Group. The LF UK office has a team of experts for spares in the coffee market and we are always adding new brands to our range to further complete our product offering.” Mark continued “We consider Something’s Brewing the perfect media through which to develop our REPA brand and increase the visibility of our range of coffee spares and accessories in the UK & Irish markets.”

Something’s Brewing establishes Partnerships

For BWT UK Limited, the first rule for a great cup of coffee, after the bean, is the quality of the water – that’s a given. But is the quality of the water just as important for your Espresso machine? Well, William Hinton, UK National Sales Manager believes so and says “The short answer is yes! Optimising the water used in coffee making and catering is one of the best ways to maximise the quality of the product you produce, minimise problems and increase the longevity of your equipment.” He continued “Striking a partnership with the BSA’s Something’s Brewing, will give BWT UK Limited the opportunity to build our business relationships with customers throughout the UK & Ireland”.

Something’s Brewing establishes Partnerships

Evoca UK were delighted to announce their partnership with the Beverage Standards Association. As a leading manufacturer of coffee machines for the out of home coffee sector, Evoca UK can support the work of the BSA and its members in many ways. Craig Jukes, Evoca UK Sales Director says: “It’s clear that this has been a really challenging year for the Hospitality sector – and at times like these it’s more important than ever to work collaboratively as an industry.” Jukes continued, “We look forward to what the future of working closely with the BSA and their members will bring. Together we can help the sector recover strongly from a year of challenge and lockdown. At Evoca, we’re committed to developing equipment that incorporates the very latest in technology and that offers the best possible value for money and helps users to work efficiently.”

If you would like to learn more about the Beverage Standards Association contact Steve Slark at or visit our web site