Shaping of Foodservice going forward

Shaping Foodservice going forward

Monday, 19th April Weekly Briefing
Shaping of Foodservice going forward

There are many questions whose answers will be revealed shortly and which will shape the foodservice sector over the months and years ahead. Here are the first two of my top five questions.

Will all businesses reopen after Covid?

How many foodservice businesses will not reopen after covid? As high streets (as well as shopping malls, rural areas, and the rest) come alive, boarded up storefronts will have to be counted. My estimate is that perhaps 15% or so will remain shuttered. But over time how many will be reopenedas new owners emerge and place their faith in a revived hospitality market?

Training will play an important part

Will there be enough competent, trained people around to work in the foodservice sector? It seems pretty certain that many former foreign workers have returned home and will not return. On the other hand, fewer outlets mean fewer places that need to be filled. How will this supply and demand picture balance out over the coming months and years?

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