Seven interviews

Seven interviews

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Monday, 6th September 2021 Weekly Briefing
Seven interviews

Last Tuesday I was interviewed on seven (yes seven) BBC Radio stations, plus BBC TV News at lunchtime. The subject in each case was delivery as part of a BBC day that focused on the subject. The various presenters asked me fairly predictable, but interesting, questions from “why is delivery growing so fast?” to “what are the downsides for restaurants?”. And then there was the question from the presenter on BBC Radio Cumbria, Vicky Warham; it came at the end of the interview as a real inswinger (for my American readers, that’s a cricketing term). Vicky asked “if you could only have your takeaways from one place, what would it be?”. My answer: A bento box from Wasabi.

Why did I chose Wasabi

Now here comes the interesting thing: why did I chose Wasabi in that flash of a moment? The answer needs a bit of context. I was sitting in Absolutely Starving, a deli restaurant repurposed, during covid, as a coffee shop, near London Bridge. I’d found a perfect quiet corner for my radio interviews, looking across Tooley Street. And there, on the other side of the road was a … Wasabi, it’s distinctive green and yellow logo prominent to all.

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