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When we first got the keys to what was a very traditional pharmacy back in October 2015, we wondered how on earth we were going to transform it into the stylish coffee bar that we’d envisaged. We had a very specific vision in mind of what we could bring to the town and so The Coffee Dispensary was born. We knew that Cheltenham was a great location and a stand-out area of the Cotswolds, however we felt it’s coffee culture was sadly lacking. Happily, the people of Cheltenham and it’s many visitors can now enjoy what we love so much and constantly work hard to achieve – the speciality coffee that the town had been missing.

Myself and the team here at The Coffee Dispensary love nothing more than giving customers coffee advice, as well as brewing, drinking and talking about all things coffee related. We also really love to showcase local musicians and photographers with frequent music nights and photographic exhibitions.

Our Beans

Fact: You can’t make great coffee without using great beans! We knew that if we wanted to achieve the highest quality in the cup, we would need to work with some of the best roasters available, whose passion for coffee was as great as ours. At first we used coffee from roasters that we had personally selected, but then we found that top roasters were now wanting to work with us! This puts us in the fortunate position where we can choose the most interesting coffees from around the world to place on our menu board.

By knowing how the farms and estates work, we can select those that are using the most innovative processing methods and bring them to our shelves, meaning our board is ever changing.

From beans to brewing equipment – everything is on sale for you to brew at home. We sell our beans whole, but we can grind them to suit your needs.

Everything we do is exact, measured and precise; the aim being that we want our customers to appreciate the diverse tastes that a coffee bean can produce and to highlight the farmers efforts in bringing these complex tastes to your cup.

Speciality Coffee & More

To compliment our coffees, we also offer a variety of sweet treats from carefully selected local producers whose high standards reflect our own. Whether it’s brownies and blondies from Hetty’s Kitchen, Friands and Pastel de nata’s from Lara’s Tarts and Friands, or pastries from Salt Bakehouse, we keep our selection specific as that’s all we feel is needed to pair with our drinks.

During the summer months, we have a wide selection of coffee based drinks, including a few more interesting options you may not have heard of! We also serve cold/iced Dutch drip, cold brew, and iced pourover coffees to cool you down! All of our regular drinks such as hot chocolates, chai lattes and matchas can also be iced. For non-coffee drinkers we offer fruit juices, iced teas and soft drinks. Oat, Soya, Almond and Coconut mylks are options for non-milk drinkers.


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