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1, Gloucester Street
The Beginning

Star Anise was opened in 2004 by Milde Gydelyte, Alexandra Hoppe and Nicholas Allan. They all trained under the tutelage of Jean Torné at the Concord Institute in London

The Team

Since then, Nicholas has built a staff team that is nothing short of family. The Star Anise team has been dedicated to serving the Stroud community a varied and seasonal menu of wholefood dishes, alongside our in-house baked goods.

As well as being conscious of the integrity of our ingredients, we also believe that food made in an environment of love and joy takes any dish to a whole new level of flavour and nourishment. As such, our staff endeavour to work together to create this environment; we are a family.

Star Anise Bakery

We serve sourdough bread, gluten free bread, croissants, cookies and cakes – all made from scratch in the Star Anise Kitchen.

We have many vegan options too, the star of the show being our vegan croissants. Our very own Alon has developed a unique vegan butter recipe made with soya and coconut oil, which we churn ourselves right here.

We don’t use any refined sugar in our baked goods, with the exception of organic cooking chocolates for some of our goods.


Our menu is predominantly vegetarian, with the occasional fish dish, and we have a daily vegan and gluten-free option.

We offer a changing menu of seasonal, fresh and innovative dishes, inspired by our macrobiotic and wholefood training at Concord Institute. Where possible, our produce is sourced from local organic suppliers – Stroud Community Agriculture, Stroud Slad Farm and Global Organic Markets.


We are proud to serve artisan coffee from local speciality roasters Extract Coffee who are based in Bristol. Our Baristas are also trained by them. Appearing in the South West Coffee Guide, we recommend that you come and try our delicious coffee!

We love Extract Coffee not just for the quality of their roast, but the ethical traceability of all of their supplies. For more information, read our blog here.

Keep Cups

We believe that caring for our community ultimately means being a custodian for our planet. The earth is what gives life to the food that we cook and eat, upon which everything else is born from.

So, we do what we can to minimise our carbon foot print. A big step has been to completely get rid of disposable coffee cups in our café. We have some wonderful glass Keep Cups for sale – or you can simply drink in and hang out with us a little longer!


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