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28, Church Street
PE15 9PY

Silver Oak Coffee is a micro roastery based in north Cambridgeshire. We are a small team with a huge enthusiasm for coffee.

We roast weekly to ensure all our customers receive the freshest coffee we can provide. We roast every Monday and cup every Tuesday to check our own stringent quality standards. Your beans are posted out after cupping and every bags has a ‘roasted on’ date. We choose to roast small lots of carefully selected coffee beans from around the world.

Historically coffee producers have received a pretty raw deal from large multi-national food corporations. This has meant producers have received inadequate remuneration, been forced to decimate rainforest to increase production and use chemicals such as DEET to control pests. The knock on effects of these practices include increased rates of illness amongst workers, the removal of animal and bird habitats resulting in ever decreasing numbers and the dumping of billions of tons of waste product into river systems. All this is to provide cheap instant coffee, of which the UK is one of the largest consumers.



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Susanne Stent

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Susanne Stent

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