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Unit 1B, Poplar Square
W91 P6Y0

PS Coffee Roasters is a company founded by two brothers during the end of the recession in 2015.

We are ultra passionate about what we do and we care deeply about how we do it. We want everyone to experience the best coffee can give and not just “speciality” coffee and we want to see our environment protected in the process.

We want it roasted and brewed right. We want the farmers to be appreciated and protected and for this reason we like to work with responsible companies like Nordic Approach who invest a lot back into the farmers they work with.

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Peter and Simon are our names (PS).

Peter is mad into nutrition and keeping healthy and has been in the coffee industry for most of the last decade.

Simon has had every job under the sun, but comes from an IT background. However, once he got into coffee he became obsessed and while he enjoys perfecting a good brew his main focus is on coffee roasting.


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