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We love what we do. You have to love what you do. Just imagine spending every day of your life doing something you don’t enjoy. But still people do it, because of the money. Fair enough, we all need to make a living. But if you’re thinking of joining our team and you are all about the money, then to be honest we aren’t right for you. This is the hospitality industry. It suits people who do it for the love of the job. For them there’s something about it, whether it’s the food they lovingly prepare, the coffee they skillfully brew, or the customer they strive to make happy. They’re all about the passion. They’re obsessive.

This filters through to everything we do here at Habitat Cafe. If you love your work then you naturally take pride in making it the best it can possibly be. In this way, Quality becomes our main goal – becomes YOUR main goal as a part of our team.

We are also big on ethics, even if it means our making a bit of a sacrifice. For example, we try to buy from small producers, and we don’t squeeze the lowest prices from them. That just makes their business unsustainable and reduces quality. Our coffee roaster visits the farmers in Africa, Asia and South America, works with them on improving their capabilities, and pays them higher than both Market and Fairtrade prices. It’s a long-term relationship. This means the farmer can invest in himself, improve quality, and provide a better life for his family. Both Habitat Cafe and our customers are part of that every time a coffee is ordered, and we will strive to extend these values to all our menus.


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Mike Haggerton

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Our entire cafe interior is completely new, and has undergone a full fit-out including a well-equipped commercial kitchen, beautiful solid oak flooring, and over 7 metres of dedicated brewing bar. This allows customers to experience our stunning speciality coffees and teas from some of the best farms around the world, in a relaxing environment. Presently we operate during daytime only, and in 2013 we will commence an evening food service.

We are proud to work with Has Bean, Waterloo Tea and Kokoa Collection on our beverage menus. Barista equipment includes Compak K10 Pro Barista & Mazzer espresso grinders, a Mahlkoenig Guatemala brewed coffee grinder, VST LAB Refractometer, three Marco boilers, and a range of manual coffee and tea brewing devices. We take an equally serious approach to our food menu, and recruitment of our Head Chef in 2013 will facilitate that.

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