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At Field Service Solutions, we understand the key role that well-maintained, smooth-running coffee machines play in delivering customer satisfaction and protecting revenue, and we’re here to help make sure they stay that way.

But how did we become the UK’s leading field service and aftercare specialist for coffee equipment? Why did we set out to do what we do?

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Our founder, Kris Gibson, was working in the industry – initially as a service engineer, and subsequently leading teams both nationally and across Europe. He knew the importance of excellent coffee machine aftercare, but he could see that a lack of planning, investment and focus meant that top-quality expertise wasn’t as widespread as it should be.

Identifying an opportunity for an independent provider with its expert in-house team, Field Service Solutions was born. Drawing on years of industry experience and with a commitment to putting new technology to work, our focus on superior coffee machine aftercare has helped us become a trusted partner for businesses nationwide.


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Field Service Solutions

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Our range of services include

Full-Service Solution
A complete end-to-end service for coffee machine operators and owners

Expert support for coffee machine manufacturers and distributors

Marine Services
A full range of services for coffee and beverage equipment on cruise ships

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UK & Ireland
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