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Having been formally trained in engineering and worked in various engineering roles for over 20 years, Mark Allen established Espress Test in 2010, the initial idea was to be able to complete inspections independently, thus, making it easier and more cost-effective for operators of espresso machines to comply with the Pressure System Safety Regulations.

At that time Espress Test was the only company to combine engineer and inspector in the coffee industry; this unique position attracted the attention of the HSE. In turn, this attention led to assisting the HSE with their ongoing investigations into the infamous ‘Sainsbury’s coffee machine explosion.’

Espress Test was approached by other coffee machine professionals to assist them in making sense of the regulations.

Having unraveled the complexities that surrounded these regulations Espress Test was able to formulate an easy-to-follow procedure for espresso machine engineers, allowing them to carry out the compliance examinations directly for their own customers whilst meeting the independence requirements of the regulations.


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