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Droople provides the only fully retrofit solution on the market packaged with actionable insights. Connect smart sensors directly to your inline plumbing and ensure your coffee machine provides the same water quality.

Obtain data on water consumption and consumable health status. Behavioural patterns on your barista machine at your disposal :

  • Geolocalise your fleet, filter cartridges, and set alarms for leaks, asset inactivity or define your own notifications.
  • 24/7 remote, real-time data
  • Track flow rate, affluence & queue statistics
  • Forecast replacements & automate procurement
  • Eliminate unplanned interventions
  • Upgrade or downgrade your appliance and filters based on usage

Ensure asset lifespan from breakages.


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Droople develops innovative IoT solutions for intelligent water asset management, delivering real-time remote insights at any point of use.

In the Beverage industry, customer experience is the key factor for success, making water 90% of a cup of coffee. The unique flavour characteristics of your coffee and the performance of the machine guarantees the best tasting experience.

At Droople we offer our customers full transparency on water consumption, and convert actionable insights into a new business intelligence.

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UK, Ireland, Europe, North America, Japan & UAE
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