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55 West Cliff Road
CT11 9NP

We are a committed team of passionate, professional and dedicated coffee lovers.

With over 15 years experience in the coffee industry, and many cups of coffees behind us, we pride ourselves of our in-depth knowledge of quality coffee from bean to cup. We understand first-hand the cycle of coffee production from farming through to roasting, brewing and finally service to the consumer. 

Our aim is to provide coffee aficionados and professionals alike with the tools and expertise they need to make the perfect cup of coffee, run a successful coffee business or organise an unforgettable corporate event. 

Coffea Arabica founder, Daisy Rollo, grew up living and breathing hospitality at the family’s hotel in Saint Malo, Brittany. Raised on café au lait and croissants and trained at the best catering school of the region, she developed her interest in quality food, and particularly coffee, working at Michelin starred restaurants in France and in the UK. Daisy’s passion has taken her to coffee plantations all around the world and she has made it her mission to share her knowledge with her team and her customers.


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