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4043 North Ravenswood Avenue
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Illinois, USA

Coffee Kids empowers young coffee farmers to create thriving businesses and a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families.

What we do
We collaborate with the next generation of coffee farmers to realize their full potential as part of the global coffee community

Coffee Kids uses entrepreneurship training, mentorship, and seed capital to help young farmers see themselves as entrepreneurs, develop the skills to launch their own businesses, and connect to the global coffee industry

Entrepreneurship Training
Through rural business workshops, Coffee Kids helps young farmers realize their full potential as part of the global coffee community. The trainings provide space where young men and women learn how to apply their creativity and ideas to develop productive enterprises in coffee within their communities. Topics include a broad business focus, such as managing the financial side of the operation, to coffee-specific, such as how to implement techniques that increase yield and bean quality

Seed Capital
By providing a seed capital fund over which young farmers are given collaborative decision-making power, Coffee Kids simultaneously helps get community businesses off the ground and gives young farmers experience in making financial decisions. The rotating fund is replenished as businesses grow and thrive, giving young farmers a sense of how thriving businesses can lift up the entire community

In some communities, we are linking young coffee farmers to successful local and international coffee entrepreneurs. Through mentoring and the sharing of experiences, we are levelling the playing field between coffee producers and the rest of the supply chain, exposing young farmers to the breadth of opportunities that exist within the sector and helping them understand how to reach those positions. The exchange increases farmers’ understanding of different players in the supply chain, helps professionals understand how new dynamics within the industry are playing out on-the-ground, and develops a shared commitment to protecting the future of coffee.


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