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Monday, 6th December 2021 Weekly Report
Out of the Blue?

Omicron (or “omnivore” as some spellcheckers will have it) has come out of the blue – or has it? Scientists (and politicians) have, sometimes in the past, hedged their bets when talking about the future direction of the pandemic with words such as “providing there isn’t a dangerous new variant” – but we ignored those words of gloom and concentrated on how soon vaccines would work their magic.

Pay Attention

Well now we know how much attention we should have paid to those caveats. Many of us didn’t, but we should have. And maybe it’s not too late to start paying attention because there is half the Greek alphabet still to go through (and then whatever other alphabets or constellations, as a WHO official is reported to have suggested, are necessary). In short, there is more to come.

Upcoming Versions

The hope is that whatever it is, it won’t be as bad as what we’ve already had. Let’s hope that’s correct and at the same time, ask: what can businesses do about the upcoming versions? I don’t have all the answers by a long shot, but I can put forward a number of suggestions.

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