Noah and the Flood

Noah & the Flood

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Monday, 28th February 2022 Weekly Report

At the start of covid, I frequently invoked the story of Noah and the Flood as a parable of the likely effects of the onrushing pandemic. Covid, as in the Noah story, was the Flood water, and it covered everything. Then, again as in the Noah story, the dove appeared, carrying a sprig from an olive tree, showing that the world hadn’t come to an end; in the world of covid, the dove appeared carrying the vaccine.

The waters receeded

But even as the waters of Noah’s Flood receded, the world that they revealed was a desolate world; it was a world that needed rebuilding. Now, Noah was a great manager; anticipating the Flood, he built an ark and filled it with all living things to repopulate the world after the Flood waters were gone. But Noah didn’t recreate the world – that was left to others. He was a manager, not a creator.

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