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Monday, 24th January 2022 Weekly Report
You hold a Party & No One Comes

What happens if the government says it’s OK to work from the office again? But what if no one takes any notice? After all, the economy, so says the government (and to be fair, the official statistics), is growing very nicely as it is. What happens when the government says it’s now permissible to visit a nightclub? And what happens if people go somewhere else? After nearly two years of covid, partying habits have changed (possibly) and money is tight and can be spent on other things.

No Masks in Pubs

What happens when masks no longer need to be worn in pubs, and social distancing rules are relaxed? What happens if pubgoers don’t turn up – after all, at £6 a pint it can be an expensive night out.

What happens, if….

What happens if VAT goes up and people still eat out as much as they used to? And what happens if business people no longer travel nearly as often as they used to? For many years, they have subsidised air fares for those wanting to travel economy. If business travel no longer attracts enough numbers, premium fares are going to rise. And that will put off many potential air travellers. What happens then to holidays abroad and spending at airports?

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