Lockdown in Europe

Things are tight

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Monday, 22nd November 2021 Weekly Report
Lockdown in Europe

Once again there is lockdown in Europe; it’s started in Austria and is unlikely to end there. In the meantime, there is rioting in The Netherlands, Denmark, Croatia and other countries over the threat of lockdowns to come and plans to introduce covid passes to restrict access to places where covid infections are believed to be significant – places like restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

What about the UK?

In this country, the atmosphere (at least on this score) is more relaxed. Why should this be? Is it because of the wisdom of our political leaders? Or is it the insouciance of the public, many of whom have learned to don masks only when absolutely necessary? Or is it because the impact on the NHS is (currently) limited? Or, is it due to different definitions – an example: in the UK, a death is counted as being due to covid if the person showed a positive covid test in the last 28 days; in Germany, it is if covid appears on the death certificate.

Covid cases in Europe

One answer stands out. Look at covid cases. Across Europe, they are rocketing up from low levels since mid-October (not in all countries – France and Italy for example show no such dramatic increase). In contrast, the graph in the UK is a Roman Candle – a consistent, if rather bumpy line (at elevated levels admittedly, but not changing dramatically).

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