K-shape recovery

K-shape recovery

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Monday, 3rd May Weekly Briefing
Shape of the Future

When covid started to bite and the first lockdown ensued, there were many questions about the shape of any future recovery in the foodservice sector. There were recoveries that were Vshaped, J-shaped, W-shaped, L-shaped (though this one was only in jest). Some mentioned Kshapes although the bifurcation of potential recovery was too much for most people to contemplate. But K-shape may be what we are about to encounter.

K-shape recovery

Economists at the IGD have developed the K-shaped recovery scenario and this forms the central part of our latest report. In effect it says there will be winners and losers. Winners will be those able to play their part in deploying the £100 billion that has accrued in combined UK consumer savings

In which way will retail and foodservice evolve?

The ways in which consumers their money on food will change the ways in which retail and foodservice evolve over the coming year (and longer). But it is already clear that this year the combined market will reach £195 billion – to within a whisker of the £202 billion in 2019

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